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Optimized Google Ads Campaign for Online Gaming Platform Achieves CPC 5x Lower Than the Industry’s Average

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The story

A free online gaming platform specializing in solitaire card games, puzzles, and word games came to Galactic Fed for a paid ads strategy upgrade. This platform doesn’t require registration or installation - users can simply come and play their all-time favorites like Solitaire, Spider, Sudoku, and hundreds of other free online games.

As they don’t charge the users, their only source of revenue generation is advertising on the platform.

The client approached Galactic Fed looking for help with Google Ads. They ran ads before but were unsatisfied with the cost-per-click and irrelevant traffic. The initial task was to generate quality traffic to the website for a CPC under $0.05. 

The Strategy

Galactic Fed started by dividing and conquering. The first phase of the campaign was dedicated to remarketing active users and bringing new gamers into play. The team ran 3 campaigns on Google Ads: 1 Discovery, 1 Display, and 1 RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads) campaign. 

Discovery and Display campaigns aimed to generate new users, while RLSA campaigns focused on remarketing the platform’s less active MVPs. 

The second phase of the campaign was all about remarketing dormant users. After analyzing the first phase’s insights and taking the competitiveness of the online gaming field into consideration, it was agreed to increase the bidding cap. This allowed the team to work with a very narrowly targeted audience and win crucial auctions.

The Success

In just 6 weeks, Galactic Fed helped this gaming platform client see a significant increase in website traffic and user count.

  • Average CPC: $0.12
  • Clicks: 23,898
  • Users: 10,786
  • 13.04% increase in Time on Page (Phase 1 to Phase 2)
  • 13.02% decrease in Bounce Rate (Phase 1 to Phase 2)

Solitaired: Online Gaming Platform Galactic Fed Performance Results

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