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Liftrocket - Link Building, Content Strategy, On-Page SEO

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LiftRocket Increased Backlinks and Referring Domains in 3 Months

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Content Strategy Link Building On-page SEO
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illustration of case study: LiftRocket Increased Backlinks and Referring Domains in 3 Months
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The story

Client Overview:

LiftRocket is a self-help community that offers a mobile app as a way to connect people who are in need of immediate financial assistance. Their platform allows members to contribute to support LifRocket’s community fund that will allow other members in the community to receive a “Lift” or fund that they need for personal emergencies may it be car maintenance, meeting a medical expense, or replacing a smartphone. This innovation gives a chance for people to help and receive financial help without going through the stress of a lot of paperwork.

To improve their digital presence, the Galactic Fed team was brought in and directed the client’s SEO strategy. Galactic Fed studied the client’s keyword space via thorough keyword research and used this to leverage their ranking by executing different strategies including link building, on-page optimization as well as content creation. Towards the end of the campaign, LiftRocket has increased their backlink profile and ranking.


The team proposed a tailor-made strategy for LiftRocket starting with keyword research. This allowed the Galactic Fed team to better understand the keyword space of the client ensuring that they are aligned with the client’s target audience and their goals. Subsequently, the Galactic Fed team then launched other projects including link building where Galactic Fed partnered with relevant sites and enriched the backlink profile of LiftRocket. The team also ran a thorough review and audit of the client’s entire site map that made us aware of the issues within the site and allowed us to address them accordingly. Galactic Fed optimized the meta description, title tags, content, and internal links of LiftRocket’s pages for better user experience. The team also worked on the client’s content strategy and generated insightful articles that contained focus keywords to help enrich LiftRocket’s content.

Performance Results:

After engaging with the Galactic Fed team, the overall metrics of the site improved. The page load speed score of the site increased, allowing a better user experience with a decreased bounce rate. The site earned 2900% more referring domains and 3400% more backlinks. Along with this, there was a 2000% increase in organic keywords ranking in the top 100. Together with the increase in organic keywords, the domain authority of the site jumped from DA 5 during the start of the engagement to DA 13 after only barely 3 months. Likewise, the domain rating of the site improved dramatically from having a DR 2 in May 2020, the site ramped up to DR 16 in August 2020. Collectively, there is evident growth in the site’s overall ranking.

LiftRocket Infographic of the Galactic Fed performance results.

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