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Hourly - Link Building, Keyword Research, Technical SEO Site Audit

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How Small Business Digital Marketing Campaign Grew Hourly

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Link Building Keyword Research Technical SEO Site Audit
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The story

The Story: Hourly is a Silicon Valley insurtech company that simplifies the workers’ compensation process by bridging the gap between workers’ compensation, payroll, and time tracking.

The company came to Galactic Fed and asked us to put together an SEO program that would increase their visibility online, send relevant traffic to their site, and improve their site’s overall performance. In order for all these improvements to happen,  Galactic Fed identified the areas of improvement on their site, set up the client’s SEO foundation, and shared best practices, built relevant and quality backlinks, optimized the site’s internal link architecture, and provided SEO consultancy and guidance.

The Strategy: Before we dove into link building and into the rest of our digital marketing program, we had to make sure that the entire site was optimized so the rest of our efforts would have a better impact on its rankings. 

So in the first few weeks, we laid down the groundwork by setting up a comprehensive SEO strategy that helped us zero in on the search phrases that their target audience was actively searching for. These high-value search phrases were then used to fine-tune the meta copy of the many different pages on the site. A complete technical SEO audit was performed, pinpointing all the areas of improvement, including page speed, broken links, and meta copy.

We also recommended the best solution for all the issues we found and helped the client’s team understand and implement these recommendations. Then we started configuring the link architecture of the site to make sure we spread the ranking power across its pages. 

The heart of the campaign was link building. The team put together an outreach campaign, focusing on getting relevant and high-quality websites to link back to the client’s content to boost the site’s overall backlink profile. 

Keyword research, technical SEO site audit, and internal link architecture are done on a regular basis to continue to work magic at the backend while links continue to pour in.

The Success: The SEO program we have in place is still ongoing, and the results are consistently growing. 

The referring domains pointing to the site grew from 125 to 927, resulting in a 6.4x increase (and growing). Referring pages also increased by 10.76x, going from 523 at the beginning of the campaign to 6,151 as of this writing. These growths improved the backlink profile that significantly skyrocketed the domain rating to 56 as of October 22, 2021, 38 points higher than when we started from 18.

The site also now ranks for 98x more keywords compared to when we started the campaign.

Lastly, there has been a 167.5x increase in the site’s organic traffic.

About their partnership with Galactic Fed, the Hourly team said:

We get a lot of value out of the partnership. You’re doing a great job in being responsive to us, and are highly detailed with keeping track of work — and diligently completing all the audit and link architecture items on time. Our results also show a lot of success, with our readership steadily increasing every month.”

Hourly Inc. infographic of the Galactic Fed performance results.

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