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SEO Strategy for AI Business, Resulting to 372% Increased Organic Traffic

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Keyword Research Content Strategy Backlinks SEO Audit
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The story

Client Overview

Nightfall AI (formerly known as Watchtower AI) serves as the industry’s first cloud-native data loss prevention platform. The Nightfall platform has been adopted by a wide range of customers, from hyper-growth tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, to prevent data leakage and secure sensitive information across SaaS and data infrastructure, providing continuous protection for cloud services like Slack, GitHub, and AWS. The platform’s accuracy and automation capabilities to keep data secure make it a necessity for all companies.

To help more companies strengthen their data security, Nightfall and Galactic Fed joined forces to build a stronghold in SERP and expand Nightfall’s online presence so that more companies would know their name. The team ensured to keep the site in top shape to provide the best user experience, and kept its content up to date based on a keyword-targeted strategy, to increase engagement and attract more traffic.


Galactic Fed worked closely with Nightfall and kickstarted the project with in-depth brand research. The team dug deep and learned all there is to know about Nightfall — their target audience, products, and everything about the business, then used this information to set up the path in looking for the right keywords to invest in.

After completing the keyword research, Galactic Fed worked on crafting topic suggestions to lead the content strategy for Nightfall—that is targeting keywords that have high efficiency and would yield the best results. The team worked on the content from start to finish, from writing keyword-targeted content to ensuring that the articles are SEO optimized, all the way to publication of the articles on Nightfall’s blog. Galactic Fed also consistently reviewed Nightfall’s existing content to ensure that everything is well set up in terms of internal link architecture.

Subsequently, to help build a stronger Nightfall backlink profile and improve its rankings, Galactic Fed carefully laid out a bespoke link building strategy that abides by Google Best Practices, with the goal of attracting inbound links from relevant sites in the tech and business spaces.

Galactic Fed uncovered every technical issue that existed on the site. The team did an in-depth technical SEO site audit and reviewed all things that matter in terms of user experience and Google algorithm factors such as page speed, meta tags, internal and external links, and canonicalization. The issues were listed out one by one, along with recommendations on how to resolve them. This allowed Galactic Fed and Nightfall to work together in a more streamlined manner to address the issues highlighted.

Galactic Fed also ensured that they provide consistent SEO support to Nightfall as needed, to help encourage them to consider SEO best practices in all aspects of the site.

Performance Results

Since the start of the project, a consistent improvement across important metrics has been observed. Graphs consistently showed an upward trend.

Nightfall observed 372.05% growth in YoY Organic Traffic when comparing the same time period YoY before and after they started their SEO campaign with us. This is supported by a 145.83% increase in clicks and a 189.53% increase in impressions (data based on Google Search Console).

The bespoke link-building campaign led to a 70.79% increase in referring domains and a 51.5% increase in referring pages. Considering these improvements, the site’s Ahrefs domain rating jumped from 49 at the start of the campaign, to 59 in April 2021.

Furthermore, Galactic Fed increased the number of overall keyword rankings for Nightfall by 207.80% in less than a year. Page one rankings increased by 165.30% suggesting overall improvements in the site’s authority.

The site’s technical issues were resolved immediately with the collaborative effort of Galactic Fed and Nightfall. There’s consistent auditing to ensure that all issues are addressed in a timely manner and that we continuously provide an improved user experience to visitors. 

The streamlined collaboration between Nightfall and Galactic Fed yielded a positive impact on the site’s SEO. Nightfall also now has a better understanding of key SEO best practices to maintain a well-optimized site.

Nightfall Infographic of the Galactic Fed performance results.

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