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Stellar SEO and Link Building for Homeownership Fintech Startup

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The story

Client Overview: 

Galactic Fed worked with a fintech startup that is one of the fastest-growing homeownership companies in America. This company is making homeownership simpler, faster, and most importantly, more accessible for all Americans. It operates as a direct lender that provides a fast, transparent digital mortgage experience backed by superior customer support. It empowers consumers with transparency and affordability, and an approach that leverages technology and data. 

With its digital presence being one of the key things that sets it apart from the rest, the company teamed up with Galactic Fed to come up with, and execute an SEO strategy tailored to their specific needs and the goals they hope to achieve. This includes high-level content creation strongly driven by a content gameplan that is 100% backed by data and keyword research, white hat link building, and internal link architecture. 


Galactic Fed kicked off the project by getting to know the company and gaining a deep understanding of the brand, the business, as well as their market, to be able to provide a strategy that is perfectly tailored to them. This drove the initial keyword research, which equipped the content creation team with a highly strategic gameplan, which in turn, fuels its link building campaign, increases its online visibility, and improves its SEO rankings. Internal link architecture is also incorporated into the strategy to help spread link equity across the entire site. Each of these projects is powered by each other, and collaboratively boosts and strengthens the site’s digital presence, reach, engagement and influence

Performance Results:

In less than five months, this fintech startup’s backlink profile increased by over 100%. Before the engagement started in February 2020, the site had a low amount of backlinks that the client wanted to increase. Through an effective link building campaign, the site increased in backlinks by 276% from highly relevant sites.

In addition, the site’s organic traffic increased by a total of 81% in 5 months. 

Over the same timeframe, the site had a 94% increase in keywords ranking in top 10.

The ongoing efforts and strategy of the Galactic Fed team continues to boost all of the numbers that matter and continues to deliver real results to the client’s business.

Engagement Date Range: 02/18/2020 - 07/18/2020

  • 276% increase in backlinks
  • 81% increase in organic traffic
  • 94% increase in keywords ranking in top 10

    Galactic Fed performance results

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